Project #3 Women of Faith

Artist Statement

I have always been transfixed with photographs.  I’m interested in the way they can express exactly what you want them to and be manipulated in any way. With my photographs I try new approaches and use different subject matter in order to express what I have planned out in my mind. Sometimes I photograph people and other times I photograph inanimate objects arranged in a way that gives them new meaning. With whatever I photograph, I always try to tell a story.  I love being able to capture a moment in time that no one else can recreate from that exact moment.

This set of photos has a mission: it is to reveal the more personal side of a Christian woman expressing her faith. Each portrait is of a woman in my Christian sorority. Each person, having her own personality, comes from a different background. What brings everyone together though, despite all our struggles, is our faith in Jesus Christ. I will be graduating this May and will soon be alumni to the school and my sorority. I wanted to leave with a reminder of what each person’s faith means to them.

I know that I am always growing and learning because even at my best, I know that I can always do better. Art is always changing which is very exciting but challenging. I am always exploring, trying new things and expressing myself in different ways to find my next discovery.


Project #1 Documentary

For this project I photographed my old house. I wasn’t able to get inside of it because no one lives there currently but I was able to capture some views from outside. I lived in this house for 12 years and thus have many memories. These photographs don’t capture the memories but capture the place that they once were.

Exercise #3 Low Light

For this exercise I experimented in different low light situations. I played with the aperture and shutter speed to get the desired result. For this particular series I used glow sticks to make a light painting. I used a high aperture with low shutter speeds while moving the glow sticks in front of the camera. I wanted to make my photographs look like it was a painted canvas. I was very pleased with the results.